Is it a hardware or software problem?

After 2-weeks and close to 100 hours (I know, I’m obsessed), I finally got to the point where I can capture video and audio from a VHS and burn it onto a DVD using PowerDirector and PowerProducer. The picture quality is very good and the sound is fine, but now a new problem.

I burn say 3 minutes (testing). It plays on the computer fine and I can see the full 3 minutes are burned to the DVD+RW but when I put it into my stand alone, it plays between 4-7 seconds and then revferts to the main menu/screen.

I have played burned DVDs on this machine before w/o problem (but not from this operation). Now I’m stumped.

Any help will be appreciated.



Do you played also rewritable discs without problems? I have an old standalone DVD player that plays rather fine DVD +R with booktype ROM and dvd -R, but refuses totally any rewritable disc.

If want to do a test, you can burn a so called “miniDVD”, i.e a DVD movie burned on a CD media. Your DVD player should see this disc as a normal video DVD, and for a test you can loose a CD (costs lesser than a DVD).

Picky player? Make a longer test encode, >100MB.

some players strugle to play rewritabe discs try a normal write once media and write the whole video discs are cheap now so get some good media i think -r are most compatible but look on this site for recomendations as to brand etc