Is is true? DVD-RAM = big floppy

and you can drag files back and forth using Windows Explorer?

Is this ever possible with DVD+/-RW? e.g. the in the review of the LG GSA-4163B here, “random” write is listed as a supported writing format/mode for DVD+RW disks (but not for DVD-RW, where “restricted overwrite” is supported … not to mention incremental and sequential recording modes on other disk types …)

Confused? I am !

That’s my understanding of what dvd-ram is. The format was specifically designed that way. You can do something similar with cd-rw’s (and dvd+/- rw’s if I am not mistaken) with packet writing software like nero incd but I don’t think too many people use it. Packet writing programs like incd generally try to take control of the drive and conflict pretty bad with other software.

Aha thanks I’d wondered what “packet writing” was. Sounds like DVD-RAM will be the way forward. (One day.)