Is Iomega 40x a Liteon?

I came across an ad for an Iomega CD burner recently (40/12/48). The specs seem to match that of the Liteon 40125S.

Could someone please tell me if the Iomega is actually a Liteon?


Iomega has made two versions of the 40x burner - a lite-on and a plex version, Since your model reads at 48x, it should be a lite-on. It is recognized as an Iomega, though, and cannot be updated with lite-on firmware

Thanks, Runner.

Do you know if Iomega posts firmware regularly as and when Liteon/Plextor release updated firmware?

Is there any way the Iomega drive can be flashed back to the original manufacturer’s firmware?

Do the Iomega drives retain all characteristics of the original drives (like overburning, for instance)?

IOmega do not post updated firmwares often.