Is Intel doomed?

Ryzen 7 3700X is about the same price as Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G.

Crazy, here are the prices:

4750G begins at 359€

3700X begins at 275€

AMD won’t launch ZEN4 until H2 2022.
They will do a ZEN3 refresh later this year. So that means one more CPU generation on the AM4 socket, before moving to AM5 for ZEN4.

Socket AM5 as it stands, will support DDR5, and PCIe5.


It is much more expensive, but Z590 Pro4 is cheaper (even though I would prefer to have Realtek ALC1220 instead of ALC897).

The ALC1220 is a very good sound chip, but the ALC897 is not that bad.
You’d probably have feed the sound though a HiFi amp and speakers to tell them apart.

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I agree.

You need a good HiFi-system and good ears to hear a difference.