Is Intel doomed?

Intel better be quick about it.

Intel is not doomed. They may be lagging behind in computer desktop chips but they are still a very relevant company.

Yes, or to big to fail.

But the manufacturing was long time exemplary, now Intel lagging behind TMSC, maybe also behind Samsung and GF.

Maybe Intel getting lazy, like Nokia in the mobile phone category

Nokia was just done in by better equipment in the mobile phone category, Intel makes chips for almost 500 different applications, I doubt the computer chip will do them in.

But both were the Kings of the their product segments and both were maybe to sure nobody will reach or surpass them.

I´m not interested in High End video cards but the availability is awful atm, sure also because of Apple is a big customer of TMSC. What will happen if Intel also order large quantities?

Apple are making their own chips now.

TMSC are manufacturing the Apple M1 CPU’s.

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Does it make sense to buy a new CPU from Intel these days? Most CPUs from AMD seem to be everywhere out of stock.

AMD CPU prices have remained rather stable for quite a while. Another sign they are selling well. If Intel has a rabbit they intend to pull out of their hat now would be a good time to do it.

One thing I really like about AMD is not having to swap out motherboards with every other new generation of CPUs. I have had three generations of CPUs on an old A350 motherboard that originally had a 1300X in it. The same goes for the other AMD computers I use.

Intel isn´t that bad. Benchmarks results are often overrated.

I have private PCs with Intel and AMD, also at my job (more Intel). Can´t say Intel is bad, the platforms are stable, good drivers, overall unproblematic.


Rumours are gaining momentum that Intel’s AlderKake S desktop CPU’s due in very late 2021 or early 2022 will be built by TSMC using their 5nm process. Rumours also saying it will be a chiplet design.

It’s going have to be good, as AMD’s ZEN4 will be out around the same time, and it is a monster, and also supporting DDR5 DRAM, and up to 24 cores on a desktop CPU.

I think you mean AlderLake?

I think the 5nm process is good for power consumption and more transistors on the same space requirements but the other question is: How good is the Intel architecture?

I hope it will be similar to AMD because it´s the best for us, the customers.

I think this depends on whether Intel breaks away from its past business model of gouging its user base at every opportunity.

Yep just a typo.

No way tell if the architecture is good. We will have to wait and see. If the rumours are true, and they are going for a chiplet design then Intel’s architecture will have changed substantially. But we have to wait and see.

There is nothing focuses your mind on profit margins more, than having strong competition. :slight_smile:

I never thought that AMD was a company that existed to give us selfless gifts. But I keep asking myself why there are so many users who think that AMD cares more about its customers? With the bulldozer, AMD showed us that 95% of desktop customers are less important than 5% server customers.

Just my opinion :wink:

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It took AMD initiating the Ryzen series to show just how much Intel gouged its users over the past decade. They would require frequent motherboard changes with new generation CPUs. Roll out the smallest of CPU improvements with stagnant hardware technology and charge insane prices for them. How long did Intel stick us with two and four core processors and then charge a massive premium for hyper-threading them? Then with all their massive profits evidently did almost no R&D to advance their CPU architecture in a groundbreaking way for a decade or more.

Now look what AMD has done. They let me use three generations of Ryzen CPUs on a 350 chipset motherboard. They forced quad core processors to entry level processor status. They have provided generational CPU improvements that actually mean something. They made 6-8 core processors with hyper-threading medium range CPUs. They gave us affordable 12-16 core desktop CPUs. AMD has advanced CPU technology far more in just 3.5 years than Intel has done the past decade.

Lastly, if AMD had never introduced the Ryzen series Intel would probably still be gouging us on dual core and four core processors that would have seen small updates between iterations. I can’t say that AMD cares more about their users but they definitely have treated them better the past 3.5 years than Intel has done anytime during the past 15 years. Even before Ryzen, AMD offered affordable CPUs that performed well for the vast majority of computer users. I used many of these in the past going all the way back to 486 processors. I have no sympathy for Intel at this point. The bed they are lying in is one they made for themselves driven by their own unbridled greed.

…and forces you to improve your products and price them competitively to compete and survive. Intel reminds of the Scroog McDuck cartoon character. While AMD was planning their comeback, Intel executives and board members were in their vault doing this: