Is Intel doomed?

There isn’t a month goes by at the moment that Intel steps from one catastrophe to the next.
They have been stuck on 14nm for years. 10nm is two years late, and still doesn’t work properly.

Last month they blocked DRAM overclocking on there non Z 490 chipsets. Which understandably didn’t go down well with consumers.

On Friday they announced that their move to 7nm has been delayed until 2023.
This time their investors have reacted, wiping 16% off their share value.

By the time Intel get to 7nm, saying they ever get it to work, AMD will have already moved from 7nm to 5nm and in 2023 will move to 3nm. All the AMD projects are on track.

Perhaps ‘doomed’ is a bit strong, but Intel need to get their act together, and quickly.


No I think your correct Doomed unless they get with the program and fast Amd by 2023 will have taken over a giant market share unless intel pulls a rabbit out of it’s hat which is unlikely.


Intel has a strong userbase…AMD is still searching for acknowledgement after Intel took over in 2008 - 2009.
Lots of people still don’t know that AMD is back on track,and even defeats Intel in some area’s,it’s our job to make them aware and to put Intel back on earth… :smile:


From top to bottom, Intel is only interested in making money.
If their shareholders are losing faith in them, perhaps that’s the wake up call they have been needing for years.

I forgot to mention that Apple has dropped Intel as well, and will make their own ARM based CPU’s for their laptops and desktop PC’s.


And AMD is the good angel which give us all for free :wink: ?

I mostly use Intel since the AMD Bulldozer which shows AMD is not interested in Desktop-Users, they had done all for the less than 5% Server-customers.

Intel products are overall good, which means unproblematically than AMD. My experience in over 20 years with many PCs in private and at job. Don´t know if this change, we have to wait and see.

Intel is still big in OEM, don´t think they are doomed. The users which build their own PCs are outnumbered compared to OEM-amount

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So you think Intel are doing well at the moment?

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No, but I don´t think they are doomed

If I take a look at Notebooks and OEM-PCs Intel still lead the market with a very big share.

AMD had also good products but they never made it in the past to get such a share

Intel has spent too much time with little to no competition for far too many years. It has made them lethargic, arrogant and greedy. The pace that AMD has risen shows me just how much Intel could have, and should have, been doing to advance the CPU industry over the years. Instead they just kept finding ways to milk their customer base for more and more profits while offering as little advancement as possible They have been too focused on giving R&D money to shareholders and executives as bonuses. IMO, the shareholders are as much to blame for this debacle as the executives. I was floored when they just said 7nm is delayed until 2023. WTF have they been doing for the past five years? I have no sympathy for them. They are reaping what they have sown.


Intel are only in that position because they have watertight contracts with Dell and Lenevo.

AMD’s Zen cores are clock for clock faster than anything Intel have. AMD’s market share is growing whilst Intel’s is declining.
Intel are only just ahead in gaming because they have a 1GHz clock advantage. When you get to professional Workstations where more cores are better. AMD creams Intel.

Intel’s core architecture is obsolete. They just keep regurgitating the same old, year in year out.
The last time I was truly impressed with Intel was SandyBridge, and to lesser extent SkyLake.
Just in case you think I’m just an AMD fan. This is being typed on a Intel i9 9900KF.

Exactly how I see it as well.

In all honesty. I wasn’t totally surprised by the news. i was more disappointed than surprised.

I’ve heard Intel are really good at counting the beans. :slight_smile:

I can’t say I Have much sympathy for them either. As you say, you reap what you have sown.
They have AMD ZEN 3 to contend with as well near the end of the year. Which is on track.

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Looks like Intel have taken consequences

It’s difficult to say if that makes things better or worse for Intel.

Glad to see Murthy Renduchintala is leaving. The word on the street was, he had designs on becoming the head of Intel, and was involved in an in-fight with Bob Swan.
The last thing Intel needs at the moment is a power struggle.

You all have to remember that Intel lost one of its biggest customers, (Apple) Apple is now producing their own chips. That was a big hit for Intel.

That’s the price you pay when you are no longer innovating. or more accurately. Unable to deliver your innovations.


Now do not think I am sticking up for Intel , I am not but, you mentioned that their stock got blasted when they last reported to their shareholders. It did. And yes AMD had a great quarter but Intel is trading at a P/E of 9 and AMD is trading at a P/E of 153 , you cant even compare the two if making money is the object of the discussion. Admittedly, AMD has been alot more resourceful since DR lisa Su took over the reigns of AMD but they have a lot further to go if they are ver going to challenge Intel in many of the spaces that they both compete in. Sure if you just want to include desktop rigs, AMD and its 7nm chips are way ahead but there are thousands of chips that Intel is so far ahead, that AMD will never catch them.

AMD don’t compete with Intel’s whole product range, they don’t need to.
AMD know what they are good at, computer hardware.

AMD currently make CPU’s, GPU’s and computer chipsets.

Laptop CPU: AMD are as good as Intel.

Desktop CPU low core count: Intel are ahead, but only just.
Desktop CPU high core count: AMD are ahead.
Workstation CPU: AMD are miles ahead.
Data centre CPU: AMD are ahead.

Chipsets Desktop: About the same amount of PCIe lanes, but AMD’s are PCIe4.
Chipsets Workstation: Intel’s Xeon has 40 PCIe3 lanes. AMD TR4 has 80 PCIe4 lanes. AMD well ahead.
Chipsets: Data centre: Intel Xeon 40 PCIe3 lanes. AMD EPYC 128 PCIe4 lanes. AMD well ahead.

GPU: AMD are ahead by a country mile.

So in the fields that AMD compete in. They know what they are doing. They know what direction they want to go in. Does Intel?

The big question is.
Will Intel try to save face and continue to build everything in house? Or will they call on another chip maker to build their 7nm CPU’s, such as TSMC, Samsung, or Global Foundry. Who all know how to build 7nm CPU’s.


Excellent points Wendy, in my personal opinion Intel will never outsource, other company’s outsource to Intel, With all that said , Intel is so much larger than AMD, that they can afford to keep producing their dual CPU/GPU chips and do a lot better than just survive in this market today. Now I am just addressing the chipsets that you referenced. In other products Intel is so far ahead no one will ever catch them. (IMPO) AMD has certainly found their niche. They surpassed Intel with their 7nm chips and Gen 4 capability. Plus their price line is so much less than Intel for the amount of cores you get its not even close. AMD has righted their ship but when you say they will surpass Intel as a company and profitability, I doubt that will happen for a very long time. Intel makes over 5.00 eps ( earning per share) and AMD well, about .45 cents.

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I say dump your Intel stocks and buy Amd stocks:biggrin:

It was more like mid-2006 with the Core 2 Duo’s as prior to that point AMD was ahead for at least 5 years or so as the computer I got in 2001 had a AMD CPU (Athlon 1.2Ghz) because it was faster than Intel’s offering at the time for games.

NOTE: I am talking as far as gaming goes. but to my knowledge Intel has not lost the crown since in terms of performance per core on gaming.

If you don’t mind losing 20 minutes of your life.

Here is an interesting video from Linus Tech Tips.