Is installation of Nero necessary to run exes?




Yesterday I posted this question

I want to develop my own vc++ application to write files on to CD.

Can anybody tell me the procedure

1)How to use the Nero SDK
2)How to run Nero SDK Samples on PC
3)Requirements to use Nero SDK
4)(NeroAPI/NeroCmd/NeroCOM/NeroCBUI/NeroVisionAPI) Which one I have to use

U had given reply that “Nero must be installed on a pc” for the third point in the above question.

Thanks for u r reply.

Ok. I installed the Nero and Build the exe of NeroFiddles example.
I ported this exe on to a pc where Nero is not installed and tried to excute it.
But it is giving error that NeroAPI.dll is not found.
Does it mean even to run the exe also we need to install Nero or what?

Please reply as soon as possible.



Yes, Nero/Nero Express need to be installed on every PC where you want to use the Nero API.

You may also contact Ahead and ask for a full SDK without the requirement of installed Nero, but I strongly doubt that it is affordable for smaller projects.