Is Indian MCC003/004 any good with Benq 1640




I have had a Plextor PX712A for over a year, and have always struggled to get reasonably priced quality media which burned satisfactorily. I had settled on Verbatim DVD+R 16x, which used to give PIE totals in the 12-20,000 range when burnt at x8-x12, and was thus happy. However, since it all now seems to come from India in the UK (previously can’t remember, it was either Malasia, Singapore, or Taiwan), my burn quality has gone down drastically, only getting PIE counts in the range 60-120,000 when burnt at x6 (the optimal speed), and with about 50% showing some slowing down on speed reading.

So can anyone tell me what the Benq is like with Indian origin Verbatim MCC, or alternatively can anyone suggest a quality, branded, easily available in the UK media up to about 40p per disc, which does burn well with the 1640.


IIRC, batches of Verbatim 8x (not pastel, but still TY) Made in Japan, are for sale in the UK now. I think it’s SVP who carry them. Reason being that Mitsubishi stopped making 8x media a while ago, but to be able to meet demand they had to outsorce it to TY. Dunno how long it’ll last though. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the tip. I have ordered some to try, though would have preferred +R to -R. Unfortunately, suppliers seem incapable of or unwilling to relay country of origin info. I did notice that the price per disc of Verbatim +R x16 Photo Printable is greater for the 50 spindle than the 25 spindle at CDR-Media by quite a significant margin. Perhaps this reflects country of origin. But at present, I am unwilling to risk getting landed with another 50 Indian MCC004’s.


Better get used to it, everything is going to be outsourced to India because of the price of labor and fuel, yes petrol products are used in making media, I wouldn’t be surprised if Taiyo Yuden outsourced their producrs to India.


This scan is Indian MCC 004 -