Is HP DVD400i a Philips?

Ive been hearing that my HP DVD400i writer is a Philips DVDRW824K. Since a 400i only lets me burn dvd+r discs, is there a way to convert it to make it able to burn dvd-r discs, and possibly read dvd-r discs too? :doh: Sorry if its a stupid question, I just found out about this today. :o

it’s also a BenQ, read here:

ok, ill try to do what he did.

EDIT: i did the first thing he did, but it failed:

Linear Check Sum = 4F3C
Rotated Check Sum = 5A65
Check Sum match !!
Start Flashing…
Don’t turn off the power!!

======== FAIL 1========

could it be because my firmware is kh27 and not FH04?

Your drive will already read -R it just won’t burn them. If you manage to get to the Philips 3.3 software you will get -R functionality. Don’t bother with the Benq software. Dzrkdw did it and now he is miserable.

If I was you, I’d leave well enough alone, you’ve got a reasonable burner. Make sure that -R functionality is worth the price of a new burner. +/-R is pretty much the same price now.

And yes, it seems that windwflash doesn’t like to go from KH27 to the Phillips directly.

ok, i guess i could just leave it alone. I just wonder why i couldnt read the dvd-r disc. Anyways, thanks for the info. Ill leave my burner as it is. :slight_smile: