Is HP DVD media any good?

Can someone tell me if the HP DVD+R (DR00034XM) or HP DVD-R (DR00034X) 8X 4.7G media are any good? Who makes it and is it reliable? I see that it’s on sale at Best Buy and would consider picking some up, but not if it’s not reliable.

I wouldn’t recommend HP if you’re not willing to “try and test”. I.e. there’s no guarantee you’ll get premium media, nor that it will be compatible with your burner.

The +R wil probably be CMC, which can be OK to good in some burners but turn into coasters in some others. For the -R I have no idea of the manufacturer, but as the code DR00034X is shared with [I]Khypermedia[/I], I would personally be very reluctant…

The +R is nearly always CMC E01, and the -R is nearly always CMC AE1. The results I get from HP media has always been excellent, as long as your burner has decent firmware support they should burn very well, but some burners have poor support for CMC. Here’s my two most recent HP burns. If you are not familiar with the tests below, the results are very good:

HP +R 8x, 8x on Benq 1640 - this is a typical burn on this drive.

And the same media on my Liteon 160P6S, before HyperTuning:

If you can tell us your burner, it would help in telling if it supports CMC well or not.

:iagree: :iagree: - fortunately, most recent burners now have a proper CMC support, even Pioneer drives! (not too soon… :rolleyes: )

I recently put in an I/O Magic IDVD16DLS , which is actually marked Lite-On SHW-16H5S on the back of the unit. I tried burning with Maxell CD-Rs, Maxell DVD+Rs and DVD-Rs, Benq DVD+Rs, and Philips CD-Rs with no problems. However, I find it seems to burn alot slower than my previous burner which was an external HP DVD630e. That one use to burn a movie in about 35-40 minutes, but the Lite-On takes about an hour. Unfortunately, my HP is no longer being recognized by my computer for some reason. It still runs, but I’m just not able to use it because of the problem I mentioned. This happened about a month ago when the unit was just 14 months old. That’s why I bought a new internal burner. Can you also tell me if this I/O Magic (aka Lite-On) is a good reliable machine.

It should be a pretty good burner and it should burn the HP CMC discs well, especially if you update it with test firmware to support the new HyperTuning and Online HyperTuning features - you can find more info in the Liteon Forum.

You have another issue you need to deal with though. Your burners are burning MUCH slower than they should, for example an 8x burn should take about 8 minutes. There is probably an issue with your system, such as not having DMA enabled or a bad cable.

Look here for detailed info on enabling DMA - Let us know if this resolves the burn speed issues. If not, you might want to start a new thread to try to resolve this issue. BTW, what program were you using to burn with and what burn speed were you selecting?

Ive used some hp media… its not bad… but not great… sorry im too lazy to do a scan, but id say its better to buy verbatim, as you know your getting quality then :wink:

There’s been a HP series with 5 jewel cases in cardboard boxes which is MCC003 “Made in Singapore”. Prime stuff (but probably not what the OP is looking at).

I’m using DVDFab Platinum (Express Mode) to burn my movies. It doesn’t offer me a choice in choosing a burn speed. It only asks if I want to burn the complete disc or just the main movie.
For burning my music, I’m using MusicMatch Jukebox 10. I burn my music at 4X, 8X, 16X, or 48X. It all depends on whether I realy like the album or not. If I do, I burn at a slower speed. I’m assuming there’s less chance of errors at a slower speed, or am I wrong in making that assumption and just wasting time with a slow speed? However, I notice that if I use the CD burner that came with the computer (Dell Dimension 4600), I can choose different speeds to burn at, but with the new I/O Magic, it only offers a burn speed of 48X.

I’m going to my local PC store to buy a monitor on Wednesday or Thursday, I know they sell HP discs. I’ll have to take a look at what they have.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


I like to burn my audio CDs at 16x, but that’s just my personal preference. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to wander off the topic of the thread more, but you can Private Message me or if you have more specific questions about your burning program, you can ask in the forum for that software here at CDfreaks. Just to clarify though, your program is compressing the data of the original DVD before it is actually burning it, so the speeds you listed are not the burn times. For more specifics on that program, you should post in its forum for advice from users of the program.

Here’s an old scan to wet your appetite :stuck_out_tongue: . There’s a picture on Videohelp so you’ll know what to look for :slight_smile: .

Wowww…excellent scan, very nice :iagree:

My LG4163 would just love those, I bet :bigsmile:


The times I mentioned are from the start of ripping a dvd to the end of burning it. If this is the case, would my times mentioned be the norm, or would it still be considered slow? Why would my previous HP burn faster than the present I/O Magic (Lite-On)?
I just checked and my DMA is enabled.

just did a scan of a verbatim 16x… now totally unreadable :sad: i think i burnt it at 16x anyway… but still :sad:

I’ll be getting a DVD+R spindle from on Tuesday and I’ll report back. It’s $10 CAD with free shipping for a 50pk!! :bow:

That’s a great price, I’ve always gotten great burns from them. And to think that people say Canadians don’t get any good deals, I wish they were that cheap here…

Wow, great price indeed. Of course, we expect scans (err…please) :bigsmile:

You know, we’re not that badly off. I’d say we get the cheapest Maxell in the world, anywhere from $0.25-$0.35 CAD. Fuji is the same. Verbatim is $0.36-$0.40 CAD. I will admit though, we kind of get screwed on Sony. It goes on sale only a few times a year.

And we have access to stuff like Maxell Plus Series :bigsmile:

Got my spindle today. :slight_smile:

Here is the first disc burned in my DW1640 BSPB, Solidburn off, WOPC on, at 8X.

I’m quite pleased! :slight_smile: