Is home entertainment replacing vacations?

I just posted the article Is home entertainment replacing vacations?.

A new report from market research firm iSuppli details that US spending is healthy and rising in the consumer electronics category, particularly for digital TV’s and gaming consoles.Digital TV…

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I have an HDTV, a blu-ray player and complete set of soundsystem. But I went on vacation twice in the past two month. :smiley:

You know, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if better home entertainment systems are replacing at least weekend trips that many of us would take. I’ll still go to L.A., Lake Tahoe, etc. when I want to get away, but sitting around with the family, or with your significant other, can be cheaper, less stressful, and sometimes even more entertaining.

Watching other people eat bugs in the jungles of Borneo will not replace eating them yourself. Although, I guess you could go out in your back yard and eat grasshoppers. So maybe this stay-cation thing is not such a bad idea after all. (Pouring Hershey’s syrup on the grasshoppers makes them taste better, by the way.)

“But are electronics purchases replacing vacations? iSuppli seems to think so.”

If anyone at iSuppli could think, they would have come up with a better name for their company, rather than like sheep, adding a small “i” to a misspelled word they coughed up in a half baked focus group, hoping to ride Apples coattails.

People are not taking a vacation, because they can’t afford one.

They also have an “iLibrary Login” button on their website. Man, are they chic, or what?

iSuppli founder and chief strategist headshot with babe…

Wow! I have a different wallpaper that has the headline “Popped Collars”, with a picture of a guy wearing a pink shirt with a popped collar. The caption below reads, “Stop being a fg and fix your gdd*m collar.”

LOL…I jsut got back from vactaion and wish I had stayed home and watched BluRay’s instead…New England sucks!!!