Is Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) dead?

I was looking up some info about HVD, it seems like all the info are from 2006-2007, but no updates after that. Does anyone know if the develop of this has been stopped or is it expected to come out anytime soon? Thanks.

I’d have to say it will be quite a while before we see those discs
and the burners/players in the consumer market if ever. :confused:

Something has to come.
There is still room for innovation.

There should be manual data redundancy. Especially, where data gets mirrored on different locations of the disc.

Eg. where the data gets mirrored in an interleaved way, where the first eg. 10000 LBA sectors get mirrored at the outer edge. The data is interleaved.

In that way, the data will never physically hit it’s mirror on the middle LBA, thanks to the larger diameter at the outer edge.