Is Hi Definition only for video?

I just posted the article Is Hi Definition only for video?.

Recently Hi definition is a very frequent theme discussed here in the news. Most of the time Hi Def is referred to movies or game consoles, but is it limited only to video content?Actually, Hi Def…

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All I hear on just about all the FM stations in Phila Pa is “HD Radio Hear The Difference” But there are not many HD radios out yet. I know Radio Shack just came out with one for desk top, Boston Acoustics has one also. For the car there are about 17 of them. But still no home receivers. JohnnyJT :X South Philly

The problem about Hi-Def audio is the “producer studios/companies” want to dematerialize music sales and to sell compressed files (reduced size facilitates sales) with a quality the average buyer consider as “CD quality” and is reproduced via equipment that would not “show” the advantages of a real Hi-Fi sound quality. SACD was supposed to meet these parameters while DVD-Audio was using a dif method of recording that would not keep the all sound wave, so it could explore present surround sys that try to pass the idea that the “glamour” of surround sound = Hi-Fi at its best and that may be not true. Sometimes surround is far from ideal, as it doesn’t reproduce the normal way you listen to live music, where you will no sit at the “mid” of the players, for sure.