Is HDDVD and BluRay copy broken in the latest versions of Platinum

Hi Guys/Gals

Noob here. Just trying to verify whether DVDFab is currently able to backup HDDVD’s or BluRay DVD’s. Trying to copy any HDDVD results in a message in the source field to insert a DVD disc or choose DVD folder/image file. When first inserting the dvd it shows as scanning media, please wait very briefly. Have tried 6 different HDDVD’s, all with the same result. Have not been able to try a BluRay as of yet, as I am reluctant to purchase any if DVDFab will not copy them also. Regular DVD’s work superbly. Also, HDDVD’s and BluRay disks play perfectly with PowerDVD so I am reluctant to blame the LG GGC-H20L drive at this point. I get the same results in both XP Pro and Vista Ultimate.

If anyone has any insight into this, it would be greayly appreciated.