Is Hardware Mpeg2 Encoding Useful For This Use?

What I’m doing alot lately is using my older Hauppauge WinTV pci card to save any tv pgm’s/movies to my p/c’s hard drive & burning to DVD when needed.
My WinTV card is relatively old & does not have a hardware MPEG-2 encoder as I guess everything is done via software.I see the newer Hauppauge product’s employ hardware MPEG-2 encoder with one,350 model,having both hardware MPEG-2 encoder and decoders.
As far as burning to DVD goes, would having hardware encode/decode support in my tv pci card do anything to cut down on time or does this type hardware support apply only when saving (compressing) file’s to hard drive?

I’ve had my WinTV card for over 5 years now & it has never given me any trouble at all.That’s why I want to make sure if getting a newer model is worth it.

Thank’s for any advice.