Is H62n a bad reader or does my computer have a problem?

I have a desktop pc which has Lg Gsa-H62n and a notebook which has a Nec branded burner.My problem is,when i burn a cd-r at 16x or 24x speed with notebook’s burner,my Lg burner can’t able to read some files of that cd-r(s).But if i try to read-copy the same cd-r with other dvd-rom drives on different computers(one of them is an old Toshiba dvd-rom drive and the other is an old Hitachi dvd-rom drive) they are able to copy the cd-r(s’) contents to hard drive.

Is H62N a bad reader?Or do i have problem a with my computer or Lg?If notebook’s burner can’t burn well with 16x-24x,than why are other dvd drives able to read-copy all of the files of the same cd-r(s) and not H62n?

Is H62N a bad reader?[/QUOTE]

Yes, the H62N is not a very good cd reader, but it’s an excellent cd writer.

This review confirms that it’s a bad cd reader.