Is GSA-4163/5163 available in your country?

This is probably one of the most important and interesting issues here.

GSA-4163B seems to be on sale in Singapore, China, Japan, US, UK, Germany, Greece, and so on. In South Korea, “domestic” version is not released and only “illegal” version is imported and sold to end users in very limited quantity.

Please post whether you can find GSA-4163B and/or GSA-5163D in your country. Specify online links and prices if possible. Add tips as well, preferably for the greater buying choices of other visitors.

89,000 Won is the lowest price I could find in South Korea which is about US$85. Easy to find in Yongsan market.


GSA-4163 = £ 45.23 (Black Or Beige) = £ 48.17 (Black Or Beige) = £ 51.54 = £ 45.81
and many more…

All above prices include VAT but not shipping.
Seems the black version is now becoming more available. :slight_smile:

I could not find a 5163D in any of the 11 stores i normally try. :sad:

Most UK stockists have the 5160D so perhaps they are trying to get rid of there stock, or, as all the 4163`s are bare drives, non of the retail stuff has got here yet. Normally, USB drives are sold only in retail packaging.

Also, when you can buy an nice looking metal USB2 enclosure, with bult in PSU for £ 23.50, those wanting external drives can then use the drive of their choice, and save money, and upgrade next time for less. :iagree:

The 5160D ranges from £ 90.00 to £ 120.00.

BTW, i have one of the external cases mentioned, and by using a mobile rack instead of a CD/DVD, i now have hot swappable hard drives :iagree:

I think I post it again but in case that you need it:

The lowest prices:

bulk = 68.00 € (beige)
retail = 72.90 € (beige)

I could not find also a 5163D :sad:


bought from factory LG Malaysia.

1unit = ~$48.00 US

The Netherlands (finally).

€75 here
€76 here
€78 here

LG GSA-4163B (bulk) - $91.00
I buy one a week ago already…

Euro 66.26

Euro 69

Just to mention a few



shop here for Php 6,500 (roughly US$ 120)

Norway: not available.

Denmark: LG GSA-4163D

Some shops selling the 4163 in Sweden are listed [=CD%2FDVD-br%E4nnare&q=lg+16x%7C4163+dl%7Clayer%7C4163±4160±5160±combo±52x±slim±usb’]here]('[).

Germany: LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B as Nero CD-DVD Speed identifies it

@Mindfactory, from 64.29 EUR (bulk) to 73.89 EUR (retail) + 6.90 EUR shipping
link bulk:

or at local stores from about 68 EUR - 79 EUR (I prefer that because returning is easier, that´s what I did with the Samsung TS-H552B and got the LG instead :cool: )

Retail comes with Nero Express :Z and PowerDVD on one CD-ROM (version? dk/dc), 4 screws, IDE cable (40p), Audio cable, manual CD-ROM, short installation instruction, prejumpered as Master. Firmware was 101, drive was manufactures Nov 2004, I bought it Jan 22nd, 2005 for about 75 EUR at a local store.

So far, I love it…


India, retail pack LG4163B
Rs. 5400 or so, shops at Lamington Road, Bombay. It’s kinda like Sim Lim Square in Singapore… all the computer shops are there.

OMG. :rolleyes: Malaysia and Tokyo = heaven.

I could buy 2, instead of the 8163B.

If it were that cheap to me, I would buy 10 units. My GSA-5163D’d cost nearly US$300 if it were sold here. PX-716 external = also nearly US$300.

that one is distributor price :smiley:
retail in malaysia is = ~$84.2 US

my 4163B stock manufacture date on 17/12/2004. next week will get JAN 05 batch …FRESH :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine also was December 2004!

Hm. Jan 5 sounds nice. :slight_smile:

Mine was manufactured in November 2004.

Here in Israel, best deal is about 100 USD, 12 equal payments (no interest), two year warranty from local LG distributor.

People have ordered but have not received yet.

Bulk in OEM packaging including nero, DVD viewing software and cables:������+�������3

retail box is 4.5 USD more.

In some shops you can get parallel import, a bit more expensive with one year warranty. cash money.