Is Google evil?

I’ve always basically believed that Google were genuine about their “don’t be evil” credo, despite occasional growing pains and stuff-ups. Now, however, I’m wondering if it’s really a smokescreen for something far more sinister…

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Google is a terrible smokescreen created by the little people in the machine.

They’re responsible for everything ranging from microsoft windows to demonic furbies and then back to Dee-ehns arrest as a terrorist suspect. april Fools day

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Nah, google’s alright. They even stopped the US government getting query records of google’s customers…said it was an unnecessary expression of hysteria.

Money’s only money, not evil or good. Next richest people only after Microsoft, right?

Employees of google arent bad people… horses are bad people

did i miss a major news event or something? do you have any articles with evidence of google as a “smokescreen for something sinister?”

Obviously, average employees of Google are richer than average CEO’s of South Korea.

Maybe, in absolute numbers that is. With the inflation rates and cost of life over there though i highly doubt it. I am sure that living in S.Korea is much cheaper.

And yes, the fact that Google is getting that huge is a bit frightening, but i have read no real proof that they are a smoke screen by any means.

Google is not evil…

Tax ,however; is …:slight_smile:

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Not too sure about that Stroppy mate…I posted a link to a news report a week ago…

I´m not saying Google itself is evil, and this particular case was related to the targetting of child porn traders which I assume we all approve of, but it has the potential to be used by paranoid governments for other uses. If they want to use it to monitor anyone they will find a way…

I think when google did this it was more a case to show that the wouldnt be bullied into giving information they didnt want to share. If they did share the information, google may loose many users (not for the child porn traders) but for many things. People may stop using it to look for porn (which i would imagine google gets a large number of its hits from), people may get paranoid that their email, and credit card details may be leaked, and also other paranoid people may worry about accidentally stumbling across an illegal site, and having to suffer conciquenses they dont deserve.

It’s much cheaper in the USA for most things than in South Korea. Land, house, computers, electricity, oil and gas, food, etc. The only thing that is cheaper in South Korea is human labor. If you compare taxi and babysitter, that’s another matter, but then they are human labor again and you can live without taxi and babysitter while houses and fuel for heating and food are essential to keep lives going.

And average CEO’s by which I mean those who run their own businesses (not just the CEO’s of Samsung and LG) earn less than 1 million USDs per year. In the US, the richest people are Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, etc. those who made their new wealths based on new knowledge and most of their wealths are stocks, much symbolized form of wealth. In South Korea, such a highly symbolized economy has never happened. It’s still a land-driven economy here. It’s natural CEO’s here don’t count. People here often say, “South Korea needs Samsung, but Samsung doesn’t need South Korea.”

And average CEO’s by which I mean those who run their own businesses (not just the CEO’s of Samsung and LG) earn less than 1 million USDs per year
Wait a minute Ken cause i am losing you here… you’re saying that those CEOs make less than 1 million USD ($) a year like this amount of money is nothing, and then you compare it to the employees of Google saying that they are probably making more than that? No way :slight_smile: They might reach 100.000$ which i still find difficult to happen for an average employee/programmer.

Do you know how much an average worker makes in Greece per year? Not more than 10000$… Do you know how much a doctor that works for the public sector makes [B]per year[/B]? Not more than 20000$

Google are ok, they just do what they have to do to keep on top of things. If they don’t someone else will, so why not be a part of it, good or bad!

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