Is good idea to buy Samsung 182 drive?

Hello! I have Samsung 162c more than half a year, and it serves me very good. However, I am thinking to replace that drive, because I want all-in-one drive (162 don’t support DVD-RAM).
Can anyone compare this two drives (are 182 quiet, how it burn at lower speed 8x, or 12x…)
I read review, but I can’t find that kind of information.
Also is SATA good idea? I have nForce3 mainboard…


I have the 162C and just bought a 182D.

The 182D is a very good writer, with excellent writing quality at 4x, 8x, 12x 16x and 18x.

The 182D is not more noisy than the 162C, perhaps a bit more silent, except when writing at 18x.

I have the 162L (Lightscribe) and the 182D…I haven’t used the 162L much, as it’s in my mum’s machine, but I definitely prefer the burns from the 182D.

Good to great burns on whatever I throw at it, and my drive doesn’t seem to suffer from the -R lead-in problem that’s been reported, either.

I’d say it’s pretty quiet too.

Thanx for answers!