Is getting a dvd burner worth it right now?

I’ve been saving up some money for awhile now (have about $210 now) and I just upgraded my entire computer a few months ago so I don’t need to buy anything for it.

I’ve been thinking about saving up some money for a Pioneer AO4. But I’m not sure if I want to invest in a dvd burner right now?

What do you guys think?

Look into my signature :smiley: I bought it half a year ago and I like it.

[edit] But do not forget that nobody can tell you if dvd-r(w) or dvd+r(w) wins this stupid war that Philips started with their crappy dvd+.

i thought the + is newer and will win finally

I would wait for some time… as DVD burners aren’t “finished” yet (little design flaws, no standard yet etc), it’s not a good time to buy…

Maybe Blue-Ray disc (read Mr B’s article?) will make it into home recording pretty quick, and your recent DVD burner would have been a waste of money?

For the time being, I think waiting is the best option…

The blue ray will stay away for a while,especially for home users…
September/October,Panasonic releases a hybrid,it’s compatible with dvd-r/rw,dvd+r/rw,dvd-ram AND cd-r/rw…I wanna see this 1 reviewed…:bigsmile:

i thought the + is newer and will win finally

It is newer, but media is more expensive, and DVD+RW (not DVD+R!) is less compatible to DVD-ROM drives than DVD-RW.
Don’t forget that Windows ME is newer than Windows 2000…you see?
EDIT since obviously at least one person misunderstood that: my point is that the newer thing is not necessarily the better one /EDIT

In de.comp.hardware.laufwerke.brenner, the typical statement is: “…if you burn enough DVDs, you must use dvd-r, and from the money you safe using DVD-R instead of +, you can get a DVD+writer somewhen if this format really wins…”

(Note that if a drive doesn’t read DVD-R at all, then this feature has been disabled artificially, so you will be able to play your DVD-R movies even if DVD+R wins)