Is FUTUREPROOF back or my eyes deceiving me?

I’m sure i spoted Futureproof replying to a post in the last couple of days,is
he back or is it a mirage?You know what they say, the eyes can play tricks on
you at times.

Futureproof ?

You don’t know who Futureproof is…way before your time i think.

Yeah, I saw the post too!

Yes, he shows up 23 hours ago for his last post.

Punch in his name on the search page.

He’s back? Kewl!

If he is actually futureproof (and not some cheap imitation :frowning: damn too drunk too type), then there should have never been any doubt!!!

Yes he is back. :smiley:

W00t, w00t, w00t, w00t Futureproof is back. Great. :iagree:

More than 2000 posts and you don’t know Futureproof!! :a
Let him start at 0 again. :bigsmile:

And there was much rejoicing.:smiley: