Is for BTC less important to add new MID codes to 1004IM than to 1008IM;

I can’t help it feeling a little bit strange ,when i see in this thread
much more dvd-r medias supported by this drive (1008IM) and
specially medias that i have failed to burn decently losing time and money eg:LONGTEN 001,SKC Co.,Ltd,AN31 etc
Even SONY is reffered there though officially not supprted in 1004IM (anyway i found a solution with these media:see my posts there
please tell me what you think also

Please notice that the list of “supported” media for 1008IM is not an official compatibility list. It’s just a list of known MID codes, extracted from firmware. I would be damn surprised if the drive burn flawlessly on all the media from day one. I bet you will have to use the same “trial and error” approach as with 1004IM. And then inform BTC of MID’s that results in coasters, wait for a firmware update, find another MID that gives coasters, wait for another firmware update, …

I wouldn’t worry too much about future 1004IM support. I know bitsetting support is to be added to the 1004IM firmware any time soon - and to the 1008IM as well.