Is floating point overflow software or hardware problem



i am trying to rip bd’s with LG GGW-H20L drive and AnyDVD HD

getting floating point overflow error on 2 different disks, 2 others ripped ok.

any ideas? is the right forum?


Not an error I’ve seen, but I would suspect hardware first. But just a guess.

If you are overclocking your cpu, try it at stock speed.

And run a test on your memory. Memtest86+ should be run for a few hours, most people just let it run overnight when they go to bed. You should see NO errors in memtest.

Windows memory diagnostic is another memory testing tool and is much faster:


There is a slightly newer beta version of AnyDVD HD out now,

But I doubt this will help. As I said, I’ve never run into this issue and I’m using the same drive and the same software.