Is flashing firmware necessary to increase speed?

I recently bought an NEC 2500a DVD burner, along with a pack of Memorex 8x DVD-R discs. Using DVD Shrink, DVD Region-Free, and Nero, I successfully backed up one of my DVDs, but I could only burn at 4x. I thought this drive was rated 8x, and I know the media is rated 8x, so why is it not an option?

Is this something that needs to be set with Nero, or is it the firmware? I know that a new one recently came out that will let you make the drive a 2510, but I was waiting for it to be a little more stable. I’ve flashed hardware before, but I’m still a little hesitant to do it unnecessarily. I’ve skimmed through the forums here, and saw the Herrie has released a firmware version for this drive, but again, I’d like to fix it without doing anything drastic, and the word “beta” scares me, and I don’t want to bork my drive.

Thanks for any helpful suggestions.


Use this:

(in the future, please post things like this in the NEC forum; you would also get a faster response that way)