Is firmware upgrade available for Philips dvdr824P?

Hi all,

I am wanting to know if there are any firmware upgrades that i can use to make my Philips DVDR824P write dvd-r/rw and not just dvd+r/rw as it does at the moment. I have found a few answers from reading the forum, however all links that i have tried seem to be deleted or moved?

This is not a new problem, the dvdr824P never could write dvd-r.
I am using Nero 7 ultra edition. Windows XP. Any other info you need if it might help, please let me know.

Many thanks in advance,


hi i all so have this drive and as far as i know there is no firmware for this drive that support the - writing. i remember once seeing a hacked 1 but some people said it worked and some said it binned there drive. stick to the + dvds i think most people on this forums would agree. :wink: