Is everybody happy

Well if your down and out and feeling crumby SMILE I just did and it didn’t even hurt!

So… you are the yellow one? :bigsmile:

There’s one in every crowd hey Geno



I’m not getting the smiles back how about a couple more to help

I’m not getting many smiles back

All come on somebody smile-- it’s MONDAY

What’s so darn funny everybody has a bad day

Muttley always makes me smile.

It Worked We got someone to smilethat means more smileys

I’m Smiling,Really I’m Smiling

I will be happy in two days when my kids and grandkids move out after three years.

Wait I will also be sad will miss the grandkids but they are only 3.5 miles away.

They grow up to fast

Sadly this threat did not cure my sand paper throat. It hurts so much.

Geno recommends
3 times a day or until emtry

Made Buster Smile unless he just POOF

I just fell in Geno’s grappa and I feel nothing! And I don’t feel my Toes.O I don’t have toes.

Beware… grappa can cause addiction :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope everyone has a Happy EasterEd here wishes you a happy Easter too.