Is EMTEC DVD+R 16X Disc (uses MCC 004 DYN) any good?

Today I just pick up a spindle of EMTEC DVD +R 16X (uses MCC 004 DYN) cause I really satisfied with MCC 003’s quality (I used to use Mitsubishi DVD +R 8X which is MCC 003).

But this scan results scared me.
8X Burn.

I know that this disc is usable (not a coaster) but PIE total 80000+ and PIF total 1500+ is way too high in my book (especially with Mcc media).

And don’t forget that I burn this disc only @8X, 1/2 speed of its actual spec.

Does burning @12X any better ?
Here is 12X burn.

… as you can see, 12X burn is worse than 8X (let alone 16X).

Here are some package shots.

This is disc info.

And how about longevity of this dyn ?
Does anyone has longevity problem with this discs (I don’t want another Ritek G05).

Anyone please tell me why these scans are so bad?

  • Cause MCC004 is not as good as before.
  • Cause EMTEC just use LOW QUALITY MCC.
  • Cause My Lite-On’s Write Strategy isn’t appropriate with MCC004.
  • Or anything hasn’t been listed here?

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

P.S.I use Lite-On 1693S (Ks0B + Quality Patch) to write all these discs.


Does it says were it’s made? Else, what are the numbers in the clear part on the center of the disk?

Prolly could be fake or B-grade. :slight_smile:
In the olden 8x days, EMTEC had lots of different stuff like fake MCC, legit CMC-made MCC, and legit CMC. Maybe [B]dakhaas[/B] can tell us more about it.
Is a “ZD…-DVR-…” hub code visible in the mirror band?

Rescan at 8X .

Edit : or is it normal to scan @ 4X with LiteOn ?

EMTEC looks legit, though likely lower-grade MCC.

In the center of the disc, there are 2 set of numbers.

+R 21 C+280117 U28A 1 1 2 0601250241- 26 and DP- 4.7G S02 C0.

There is NO ZD or DVR anywhere, I guess :rolleyes: .

About where it made, I take a look carefully at its label but I can’t find any information about where it made.

This shown on the Label (just the address of company branch, but no information about where the disc is made).

Is it fake ?

Man… I have 23 discs left in the spindle, what should I do :doh:

Now that is odd. Why would a company use faked MCC media as well as lower-grade legit MCC :confused:

In lite-on, 4X scan is a must :iagree: .

Maybe this makes sense cause I can get TWO16X Emtec for a price of just ONE 8X Mitsu. :doh:

4X for -3S and older drives (like 169[B]3S[/B])
8X for -5S and -6S drives (like 163[B]5S[/B])

I bought Emtec once (with my very first dvd-burner) but never again! :disagree:

The scans aren’t brilliant but they are not bad. :disagree:

The cakebox is Prodisc- or TY-style, but the hub codes are not CMC, Prodisc or MBI hub codes. I believe those are MAM fakes.
Do some more tests and see what their longtime stability looks like. :wink:

PrTv: As 8x Verbatim media is now out of production and very rare, I would be ready to pay a fortune for a few cakeboxes of them. So this isn’t illogical. :slight_smile:

With those scans, I was thinking they might be Made in India MCC, which my 1693S doesn’t like much, but with those serials…

It shouldnt shock anybody that Emtec are using fake stuff though. They are known for selling shoddy media. It is usually real though, just lower grade stuff.

Maybe when they went to buy the rejects from Verbatim, they had already been trashed.

This media doesn’t use official MKM stamper. -> Fake.
Manufacturer unknown but made in CHINA ! (Infosmart is a possible option. Seeing that these descriptions also showed up on Bulkpaq)

Incase of EMTEC buying from CMC keep in mind that there buying low grade disc’s directly from CMC and which officially doesn’t involve MKM/MCC/Verbatim.

However I haven’t seen Emtec ussing CMC for some time but in the past they did. ! Then again Emtec is again owned by a new owner these days. Who probably prefers to sell the cheaper Chinese stuff and only looks at price and supposed grade that there supplying. Grades say close to nothing.

Thanks for your replies, guys.


P.s. Does its old name was BASF ?

EMTEC was BASF before… Bad spirit and so on back from the WW…

They used to use TY :slight_smile: real TY CD-R long ago