Is Easy CD 5.1 That Bad?

O.K. So I’m being a little anal tonite.

I’ve used EZCD in the past with mixed results. Never burned a coaster with it, but had an occasional application error with it (usually when I did too many mouse clicks on the SoundStream portion).

I’ve had to do a clean install (Windows XP Pro) on one system, and now it’s time to install the CD burning software. I have access to both Nero and EZCD 5.1 (with the 5.3 SP4 patch).

What I like about EZCD - :stuck_out_tongue: Better/easier at retrieving audio CD info from the internet (via CDDB); easier to “rip” CD audio (using soundstream); Direct CD (it’s the only program that allows me to run Windows Backup and directly write to a CD)

What I hate about EZCD - :Z Potential for instability; Roxio slow at acknowledging problems and providing fixes

What I like about Nero - :stuck_out_tongue: Stable, stable stable

Wht I hate about Nero - :Z Figuring out how to do some things (like even rip a CD or retrieve audio CD info from FreeDB) takes at least an MBA

Now…for this old Jedi who’s battled one to many Sith masters and learners this week - whadayathink? Is EZCD that bad? Should I stear clear, suck it up, and go with Nero? or…go with EZCD?


Learn to use nero. Yes it is more difficult to use initially than cremator but, once you’ve got it figured, you’ll never think of using cremator again.

If you do run into problems, well we’re always here. :slight_smile:

O.K. got it installed and downloaded the manual (PDF). My biggest hurdle was ripping CD’s to the hard disk. Finally found the section buried deep in the manual on saving audio tracks. Works great!

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One Old Jedi,

See my Private Message. :wink:

Inertia - thanx! Please see my PM - thanks again!


If you want GOOD sound quality, don’t use Nero to rip your CDs. Go to and learn how to use the best audio ripper in the world. If you have Plextor, PlexTools would be better, but if you don’t, EAC is THE way to go :smiley: