Is DVR ad-skipping piracy?

I just posted the article Is DVR ad-skipping piracy?.

When the VHS recorder was introduced many marketers already worried about possible ad-skipping and now Philips has introduced a DVR that easily cuts the commercial block from the recording. Back in…

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Good ole corporate Amerika. You go to love it…

It’s nice that the professor concluded that users have the right to skip ads, but it won’t matter. The consumers will get screwed anyway. Just like they did with Fair Use and the DCMA. Your rights don’t put money into the pockets of politicians, so they tend to care little for them. The content providers on the other hand are far more willing to bribe…er, I mean donate to the politicians, and they get a bit more consideration as a result. They may not be able to force you to watch ads, but I won’t be surprised if they come up with ways to keep you from skipping them. If it were up to me, a part of the change over to digital would be a requirement that a sub-channel be included on all television stations that has program info embedded and that indicates when program material or commercial material is on. Then the DVR’s would know exactly where to skip to bypass the ads. Never happen of course, but I can dream. :slight_smile:
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