Is DVDShrink really the best free DVD software?


After reading the sticky in this forum, I’d say that DVDshrink would rank as the best “free” DVD decoder software. But what do you guys think? Is there a better candidate?

Would agree

What do you mean exactly by “decoder”? If you are referring to Shrink’s decrypting abilities, ie being able to break the copy protection found on commercial dvd’s, then I’d say it has fallen behind the times. DVDDecrypter is more capable in this regard, and is still being updated.

If you are talking about Shrink’s abilities as a transcoder, reducing the size of the files to fit a dvd-r, then I’d say its an excellent program, especially considering its cost. There are some other good options out there though. DVDRebuilder has the option to use the transcoder ReJig, and it is very well regarded. And it is also free.

Probably the best free transcoder, quite possibly better than it’s commercial rivals too. Re-encoding is usually a better option though if a lot of compression is requiried in which case the best free encoder is probably QuEnc, the best commercial encoder commonly agreed to be CCE SP. As far is ripping is concerned I think DVD Decrypter is the best out there (amongst freeware and commercial) although it doesn’t really matter for most DVDs.

i have been using decrypter and shrink and results are great!
it’s also hard to beat the “free” price although i do recommend supporting these guys when possible. why not send 5-10 bucks their way to show our support of great software writing.
sure beats paying 60-80 bucks to a software company… i made that mistake with roxio… bought that program two years ago and never got any updates or add ons but they DO send me e-mail promos to spend another 70 bucks for newer version…sickening really.

The Rejig transcoder is sometimes better than Shrink. However, it only does movie only backups unless it is used with DVD Rebuilder. Then a full disc backup can be done.

Shrink won’t decrypt the new ArcoSS DVD’s. I use DVD43free to get round that and still use Shrink to read the DVD.

I won’t stop using Shrink. I have been using it since the day it was made available for download two year ago.

i too still use Shrink if/when i want to compress to 1 disc (not often). i’ve used CloneDVD2, Recode2, Intervideo DVDCopy3 and DVD Fab (free version) and Shrink is my preferred program due to its simplicity, quality and price.

Dvdshrink and Dvddecrypter are a hard combination to beat.