Is DVDRW a bad CDR burner?

Probably a newbie question

I got 2 Liteon drives, one is LTR24012B (@5S5A) and SOHW1213s (@CS09)

I burned one Maxell at 16x using LTR24012B few months ago, then

I burned another two Maxell at 16x and 48x using SOHW1213s

I do a KProbe Scan using my SOHW1213s. I found some spikes and errors in the scan for the disc burned by 1213s, but not 24012B, even the files in the disc can be read. I am curious if SOHW1213s is a worse CDWriter than 24012B.

*I have checked the “Remove Spike” in KProbe, so the spikes are probably not from “Power recalibration” (just guess).

The scan is attached.

  1. Maxel Write@16x (24012B)
  2. Maxel Write@16x (1213s)
  3. Maxel Write@48x (1213s)

looks like media is the problem, i know a lot of people that use cr-rw drives just for cd’s when they own dvd burners

but looks like the media is the problem

try scaning at 4x speed… and post again.

The media is in the same batch of Maxell.
I think I will trust my LTR24012B more and use it to burn CDR.

It is a CDR…scanning at 4x doesn’t sound realistic, even if it gives a good scan.

those 3 scans i find hard to beleive came from the same spindle, as 2 out of the 3 are the same media code and the first one is differnt, looks media related

got any other media to try?


idk, but looks like differnt media, u might have gotten half crap and half good media in the spindle

Maxell media with Daxon MID look strange or temporary batch.
Maxell CDRs are usually Ritek A’ grade products (better than Daxon grade media)

All 3 scans look fine to me

Thanks for the help

Even the average C1/C2 is similar, I just wonder I should stick to my 24102B or 1213s.

@Gary Kokkin ,@koolaidwa
I have no idea why KProbe reports one as “Hitachi Maxell” while the other as “Daxon”. This is my second batch of Maxel. My first batch is also reported as Daxon. I will check the disc again to find out those particular alien “Hitachi Maxell” (Or just a false report??).

The dye on disc is distributed evenly, I found no spot, scrap on it. Really fishy about the spike.

Attached is the top image of the disc. Is it a fake?? Did anyone got the same media ID of this disc?

Strange !
As I have seen,Maxell XL-S CDRs usually are made by TY or Hitachi Maxell in Japan ,write “made in Japan” in white font,after compact disc logo.
Some batches not write “made in” in disc,found MID to be “Ritek” (but burn in great quality as a’grade product)
For eg. same media look as :

Maybe Daxon made as exception this 40x media,temporary cover market availability reasons for Maxell brand.