Is DVDIdle Pro a good software?



I’m thinking of buying this software for use with my NEC 3520 burner and LiteOn reader.

From what I understand, this software is supposed to reduce the workload of your DVD drives when viewing DVDs on your computer (I wonder if this feature also works with data discs?) by reading ahead and caching the info on the dvd, reducing the wear and tear on your drive by well over 50%. DVDIdle Pro is designed to work with software such as PowerDVD, WinDVD, etc.

So, does DvdIdle Pro work as claimed? What else does it do? thanks.


I had no luck with it, and it only works with certain software. I think they have a lite version or maybe a trial version. Try it, and see if it works for you.

I tried it with 2 different drives, and every DVD player software I had, or could get a trial of with no luck. Maybe your luck will be different, but I have heard of others having problems trying to get it to work.

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I’d personally just try AnyDVD and see how that works for you. Has some nice features to it and sits quietly int he background. :slight_smile:


I have been using it for about 1 year.
It removes all region coding and CSS encpt. but I think some of the newer movies have a encrpt. that it has a problem with I have found 2 I couldn’t back up.

I am also running it with PowerDVD 5


Hi Texan Randy! I was about to buy DvdIdle Pro when this “something” happened to
But, I still intend to buy it if it becomes availabele again. I have alredy purchased DVDFab Gold. Do you think that in this case DVDIdle pro or lite is a must have? I tested both and was satisfied because they worked well with my PC config, burners and players. What I really don’t is: do I need to have both in order to copy, split, rip, break the codes, etc…?


hey, hello all, I’m new on this forum. Got to cdfreaks 'cause i’m very interested on the subjects i’ve seen so far. So, related to this matter, research has guided me to think this was the best software I could get to satisfy my needs, so I buyed it. Thing is, despite I have no RPC now, I get a pink screen on my dvd player, no movie at all. Already contacted support guys, got from them one email per week, with useless solutions. Last response was sent on december 28, today is january 17, and my problem is still there. Worst is that my credit card was charged already, they don’t get late on that, uh?. So thing is: I payed for a product, for a quality service, but I haven’t get any. Should i get ilegal software so a treat like this is justified??, I’m still waiting for them to give me a solution, I really want to be “very satisfied” with this product. Is it a good software?, i don’t know, I can’t tell you. Post-sell service IS NOT.


I’ve used DVDIdle Pro for about a year now. No probs so far. Had one issue to do with “enanble non-DVD file cache” ticked but DVDIdle support staff set me straight in no time at all. So, to make PS2 backups is a no brainer these days: DVDIdle Pro and Blindwrite. I will make another post though: and that will be to ask what the differences/opinions/experiences between DVDIdle Pro and AnyDVD.


Give the demo a try. It worked, however my NEC 3550a would bee quiet than it would spin up full speed then quiet again.


The Pro does Idle your drives when they are not needed. More information in the for help sticky at beginning of this section. Take wingman99’s suggestion and download and use trial as it is full working version with only limitation being 30 day use.