Is DVDFab Vista Premium Compatable?

My wife wants a new computer with Vista Home Premium and she wants to install DvdFab Platinum. Has anyone had any problems using it with Vista?

Hi ike51 and welcome to cdfreaks,

Fab and the 32 bit version of Vista seem to get along well together. Re: Vista 64 bit, there have been compatibility issues, but there is good news for these systems as well. Take a look at this thread.

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Thanks Maineman for the welcome and the info. Just what I needed to know.

Glad to help… :wink:

I can say that dvdfab and doesn’t work with Polish Vista Ultimate. It crashes when start and nothing else happend

Quick fix: get Fab updated

That’s not the latest version ??

Fab is not the only program having problems with some versions of Vista. Some users have had success while others have not. Vista could already use a service pack upgrade per ZD Net.


Due to a hardware crash a week ago- didn’t know that a broken fan could wreck so much havoc- I decided to upgrade my system & go with Vista Home Premium 32 bit & (the darn computer wouldn’t boot- so to the shop it went & surprise!!!) and knock on my own head, DVD Fab beta version 3.090 has so far worked flawlessly in Clone mode, :clap: far faster then the other versions (of course the hardware upgrade helps also) - got really great backups of The White Countess, the Illusionist, The Prestige & the entire BBC series of Coupling. And by the by… DVDFab’s support bailed out my sorry person- I hadn’t kept kept my ownership key :o ( I know…) prior to my system crash- so when I had to start from scratch with the new computer & ops system they were absolutely wonderful about helping me through the process- WAY TO GO!!-- that’s why I LOVE & tirelessly recommend to all the DVDFab Platinum program. :bow:

Before I got married, my wife’s computer had a fan break and it kept giving the BSOD. Cannot remember it it was 98 SE or ME. We were lucky as new fan fixed it and CPU was ok.