Is DVDFAB compatible with 64-bit vista?

Hey i had a question as to weather or not FabDVD is compatible with 64-bit Vista?

Welcome to the group, IamtheVOICE123.
In reply to your question, I have DVDFab running really well with the 64-bit version of Vista Home Premium,if that’s of any help to you.
My rig’s nothing fancy: just a home-built job with 8Gb of Barracuda ram plugged into four slots in my mobo.
Hope that’s of some help to you. :smiley:

If you search the forums for Vista or 64 bit – you will also find some other user experiences.

I’m not a Vist 64 bit person (still XP) but think in general there’s no real issues with this OS — I believe a couple of people had probs with their rigs on 64bit version but these tended to be minority.

I know too with Vista and the permissions model this was also something that can cause set-up issues and again these are normally localised rather than DVDFab not working.

Have a search through but think the short answer is yes DVDFab runs on Vista 64bit

I agree with Asbac and Mboy: there is nothing [I]within DVDFab[/I] that would prevent it from working well on 64-bit systems. Most of the problems that have been posted in the forum have been Vista settings or other operator/local hardware vs.Vista issues.

Running fine on Vista Ultimate 64 bit

there were some issues on the earlier versions of dvd fab with vista x64, however the more recent versions do not have any issues and run fine.

The only thing missing from Fab running on Vista64bit is the autoplay handler.:wink: And that will be added soon.:cool:

I just installed dvdfab 6 to my new 64 bit vista notebook, & everytime I try to use is, it rips fine, but when I put the empty dvd in to burn, the whole computer freezes & it eventually gives me the burn failed error.
Any assistance would be appreciated in solving this.

Which burn engine are you using?

Try Imgburn as your burning software and let us know what happens.