Is DVD2one Being Actively Updated and Improved?

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Just got a new NEC ND-3500 burner for Christmas and was looking for a DVD compression program to compress DVD9 to 4.7GB DVD-R.

I have notice that as far as I can tell the latest version of DVD2one is version 1.5.1 which was released in August 2004 which is approximately 5 months ago.

Is DVD2one an active program that is continued to be improved and updated or is this a program that the software developer has forgotten about.

I also notice this “DVD2One Official Support Forum” also seems to be forgotten about as there hasn’t been much activity here recently especially for an “Official Support Forum”.

Bottom line is DVD2one a software program that is actively updated and improved and would I able to receive technical support from the developer if a problem should arise?

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Still no answer…

Sorry, but his is NOT the official support forum anymore. It was a year or so back but is not now since they have their own forum on their home page.

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I have visited this forum at CDFreaks Forum and the one referenced at DVD20ne.

The only reference to the “DVD2One Official Support Forum” is here at CDFreaks Forum.

There is no announcement of any kind at either at the CDFreaks Forum or the DVD2one Forum that the new Official Support Forum has changed from CDFeaks to DVD2one.

It should be noted if in fact the DVD2one Official Support Forum is located at DVD2one Forum the DVD2one Forum is rather “Dead”. There are very few recent postings at the DVD2one Forum. There are no discussions at the DVD2one Forum concerning updating and improving the DVD2one Software Program.

Either way after over one week since I made the original posting here it is rather obvious that the DVD2one Software Program is dead no longer being updated and improved by the developer.

When DVD2one was first released about 2 years ago it showed promise to become a great software program. The competitor’s products have now surpassed the capabilities of DVD2one v1.5.1. It is a shame that the DVD2one developer has chosen to forget about the DVD2one Software Program and not provide updates and improvements to the software program. Competition between Software Developers is good for the consumer because in the long run it produces a better product for the consumer.

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Hello all,Long time no see :slight_smile: ,

appologies,but the correct answer is yes,it is currently being updated, to accomodate arrcos protected dvds. I believe they are also working on a burning engine. they have always been very tight lipped about future updates. in the past when they did talk about them,people started demanding they hurry up. Other than the burning engine,I cant imagine what other enhancements are needed.

There several posts from january in the official support forum
I attribute the low number of posts to the program usually working as it is supposed to. in fact the only issue I have seen in a long time is the arrcos protected discs,which will be resolved shortly.

The reason given as to why they chose to set up thier own forum was to keep out the large number of people who where using a hacked copy of dvd2one. you may only post there if you have a registered copy(I think).

Its still one of the best dvd backup tools available,it has the best and easiest join feature I have seen. I still recomend to people to try dvd2one and dvd95copy rather than give thier money to a big company like nero or pinnacle,etc. where support stinks(in my opinion). With dvd2one and dvd95copy,when you have a question or problem,you can actually talk to the creator of the program.


LOL,You wouldnt be biased would you?

I just wondered why nobody has answered the original question after 1 week.

Developers could be on vacation. Anyway, I wouldn’t waste my $ on a software that hasn’t receive any attention since August of 2004. Dunno if the old software can handle the new Sony encryption. My $ is with AnyDVD and CloneDVD.

I also like the speed of Nero Recode 2.x and AnyDVD. Unfortunately, support for Recode stinks (excepts for a few good souls at CDFREAKS).

BTW, to use Recode, you need to install about 150MB of data in the form of Nero Vision Express. NVE’s Showtime 2 DVD player pulls 100% of my 600 MHz PIII CPU load. That’s ridiculous, since Showtime is just an upgraded version of my older PowerDVD 4 program. PowerDVD 4 runs fine at 40% CPU load. The Nero suite is turning into a big lead achor.

NO,the devolpers are not on vacation! As I said it is currently being updated! As of today it DOES handle sonys arrcos protection! I have personaly processed resident evil 2,the forgotten,little black book and the grudge with the latest version 1.5.2.
and with dvd2ones selective mode and choice between constant and variable ratios,the backups couldnt look better. :bigsmile:

I have nothing against the other programs,but just because dvd2one has worked correctly for over a year,doesnt mean its no good. If something works,dont fix it!

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Sat Oct 01, 2005 9:35 pm

V1.5.2 will not be the last version … a new version is in the works, but it all takes a lot more time than anticipated … as you know we make everything ourselves, we do not use 3rd party libs, and programming is quite time consuming …

@ jwo62,

Thanks for providing information on the upcoming release of a new version of DVD2one.

I am curious to see what improvements Mr. Erwin van den Berg has included in the new version of DVD2one.

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After all this time,I hope its really impressive.