Is DVD Shrink being updated again... seems so!

See this link please:

Is DVD Shrink really being updated again or what?? :confused: If so, it would be great news. :smiley:

The layout surely seems to be different than my version 3.2 - and they are writing “DVD Shrink 2007”. I have not downloaded anything yet.

Anyone knows more about this??? :rolleyes:

Hmmmm… seems like a scam:

Damned :sad:


Looks like a scam to me. It requires payment of a membership fee to download what has been up to now a completely free program.

Boy I don’t know. I would be a little leary about it for a while. :confused:

wow look at the fine print:

This website has no affiliation whatsoever with the owner of this software program, and provides only a link to the software program.
Copyright 2007, DVD shrink software is not a tool to Burn Movies but only to compress DVDs and it is compatible with all existing copyright laws.

they’re basically like “hi, pay us to send you a link to a piece of software we don’t own”

while it is correct that dvd shrink does not have its own BURN engine i don’t think it’s possible to say that dvdshrink is compatible with all existing copyright laws. circumventing copy protection is certainly not compatible with US copyright laws. I understand that all countries’ laws are different, but if they wanted to go that route they should list exclusions to their claim since they do in fact exist.

I wonder if there’s anything that can be done about sites like this…it makes me so angry to see them try to profit off of a great program that was distributed for free and furthermore try to trick customers into believing that the program is perfectly safe and legal to use in ALL countries which it isn’t

my last 2 paragraphs don’t apply of course if they somehow reverse engineered andmodified the program not to circumvent copy protection, but in that case people would certainly not be getting what they think they’d be paying for and it would be a HUGE slap in teh face to the original author to modify the program in that manner.

I’m not sure what applies here, but I would not purchase that program.

also EVERY link on that page points to the signup link. even if a program is legit i won’t even consider it if i have to pay to see their FAQs

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I don’t understand how people can be so naive when it comes to these sort of things. :frowning: