Is DVD-RW backup reliable?

Recently using Nero to burn DVD-RW data DVD to transfer files from 1 system to another I had trouble importing bookmarks and address book on the destination PC. After failure on several attempts, I tried again using USB 2.0 thumb drive and succeeded with no problem indicating files burned to data DVD must have been corrupt. Has anybody had similar problems, and is DVD-RW backup reliable?

I’ve had no trouble using Verbatim RW media. I’m assuming the files didn’t stay on the RW for ages before you tried to copy them to the other PC?

You don’t say what media you used. :slight_smile:

Mind you, I wouldn’t recommend any kind of RW media for any long length of time. I’d go DVD-RAM or write-once media for backups you want to keep for awhile before restoring them from the disc.

I used DVD-RW and DVD+RW discs for my weekly backups
for a couple of years. I may have just been lucky, but so far,
I haven’t lost a single byte of data. Some of the discs have
been overwritten at least ten times. I have had one
failure of a DVD+RW which was used to make daily recordings
in our stand-alone DVD recorder. This disc was probably overwritten
more than 50 times.

Nothing is absolutely reliable, so you should verify your
data after burning and keep multiple backups of critical

The media was Office Depot DVD-RW, and files were copied to other PC within minutes of burning. I agree RW media shouldn’t be used for long storage and only use them for temporary storage such as transferring data between systems.

In that case it could have been a dodgy disc. I’ve had exactly the problem you describe on a Datasafe (Prodisc) CD-RW disc (yes, I know we’re talking DVD-RW here, but the problem was identical).