Is Dvd region free going to continue?

just a quick question I guess only dvdfab can answer are you going to continue the updates of regionfree? or are you going to do away with the program??

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I wish Fengtao would sincerely answer that question.

I believe he has said in the past that all would be updated.

Iā€™m sure fengtao wants to get all his products updated and I think Region and CSS Free was his original product, but his growth with an addition of a child to his family seems to have taken more time than he thought it would. I know the decryption technique is same with all his products. In the past he seemed to update all products on same day, but I guess with Version 3 being so much harder, he may not feel comfortable integrating the technology into the other products. I also have DVDidle Pro which contains Region and CSS Free, but have become spoiled with a 1 step program.


Dear all,

I promise DVD Regio+CSS Free will be updated soon, please be patient.

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With the movie protection technology changing very often catching up with that is full time task.

I have always found Fengtao to be fair. If DVD Fab is going to become his primary product, being able to purchase an upgrade would be a nice idea.


Welcome to CDFreaks Sing; I agree that Fengtao is very customer focus business man and is trying his best to keep the customers of his product satisfied as much as he can.