Is DVD-R or DVD+R best with new v2.18 w Bitsetting?

I want to be able to play movies I’ve burned with my new NEC ND3500A (new v2.18 with bitsetting enabled) on my older Toshiba SD6200 DVD player. It only plays DVD-ROM and DVD-R discs.

I will try to get it to play DVD+RW discs by setting the booktype to DVD-ROM. But my question is simply: Does it make any sense for me to buy DVD+R discs and try to set the booktype to DVD-ROM, or should I just buy DVD-R discs and not modify the booktype (or should I also set booktype to DVD-ROM, even though player will read DVD-R)?

Thanks for any help for this newbie.

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1st of all, DVD-Rs can’'t be “bitset”. Bitsetting is only for +R(W) discs.
Personally, I prefer +R format. You can set +R discs to DVD-ROM, and see what happens :slight_smile: Anyway, according to this page, bitsetting would do the trick, and you should be able to see your movies in your player. But YMMV: just buy a single DVD+R, and try it for yourself.


Both my 3500’s seem to prefer -R media - except for Taiyo Yuden 8x +R’s which burn great!!

I have an Onkyo DVD standalone that reads -r’s only - and with my 3500’s set to DVD rom - plays them like a charm-

“A” grade Taiyo Yuden can be found for the lowest prices at and both less than $.60 each


Generally + media is superior to - in turms of burning quality, but it is good to monitor the burning quality of your recorder with each media that you burn with it.

Personally (just got the 3500A) I’ll shop about 20 different DVD media samples of both + and - media, test their burning quality with LiteOn DVD-ROM and then decide what to buy in masses, judging on price/quality/speed combination. I dought that it’ll be a - media.

But if you don’t have access to a Lite On DVD-ROM, all quality tests that you can do, is wheather the disc will be playable or not. You might also want to take a look in the media forum database.

I use to use DVD-R, but now I use DVD+R with bitsetting to DVD-Rom for everything.

Thanks so much for your advice. I think I’ll try the TY 8X +R, set to DVD-ROM, as it seems to be the consensus media.
The only problem now is finding where I can buy just 1 disc, as they all seem to come in packs of 10,25,50 or more. Where do you buy just one or two?

I have exactly the opposite problem :slight_smile:

I can only find quality media in single pieces and this is many times the reason that I don’t buy it for my mass purchase. Most stores prefer junk or mainstream media in packs of 25 or more :frowning:

Visit an offline media reseller. In Seoul, there are thousands of them. Sometimes the shop owners give free media for tests. But transportation costs more than one YUDEN000T02 media even in Seoul where subway costs under US$1 usually.

Or buy 5-pack or 1-pack media from online resellers. Some online resellers at least in the US and in South Korea sell a package consisted of various sample media.

For your older Toshiba player, check out Toshiba settled a class action suit about older dvd players that did not play burnt media and were advertised as having that cpapbility. You may be qualified for a refund, replacement, or a firmware update based on when you bought it.

Hey Hoosier, I graduated from Purdue (probably b4 u were born :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks for the link. I DO fall into that category and as a result of your reply, I may get a replacement DVD player or have mine updated. :bow:
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See - this is what these forums are all about - helping one another - I know that I have learned alot in here and am consistantly amazed with the knowledge base-


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