Is Dvd/Cd quality related to burning software?

Is Dvd/Cd burning quality also related to burning software? Does a burning program produce better burnings then others? So can ad example DVD Decrypter burn better than Nero?
If this is true what burning program do you recommend for better dvd-cd quality (less PIE/PIF errors)?

I really don’t think that there’s that much difference in the burn quality that is affected by the burning app.

For burning Dual Layer media then yes it makes a difference as to the handling of the layer break.

For DL burning I’d use only DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn but for single layer I use whatever suits at the time & I haven’t seen any noticable differences in the burn quality & I scan every DVD I burn.

The most significant factor is the burner/firmware/media/speed combination. For example Ritek G05 burned on my Benq 1620 are virtually coasters but on my LG4163B I get a very good burn. BTW I’m certainly not recommending G05 media by this statement , just quoting an extreme case.

So DVD Decrypter or/and ImgBurn for DL and for SL there is no difference (so I am going to stay with Nero).
Ok. Thak you very much for the reply.

I actually often burn SL media with ImgBurn, but generally only when Nero won’t allow me enough characters to have a sensible volume name. Nero limits it to 15 characters whereas I think 31 is the real limit. Here I’d create an ISO image with Nero & change the volume name with ImgBurn & then burn with it.

BTW I wouldn’t state that there was no difference - before I’m corrected - but that any difference (if there is any) would be very small compared to that caused by the combination of factors I stated earlier.

The other thing is to ensure that your HD(s) are regularly defragged as this can also be a factor.

Thanks TimC! You are giving me nice tips.
I’m looking forward to burn some media with ImgBurn (I just realized that ImgBurn is the “sequel” of DVD Decrypter for burning :o ).

You’re welcome.

no sure about all if its caused by media, software or differant hardware etc but i know that someone i know burnt cd music to cd and they got crackles and jumping on the cd. they allways thought it was there burner which was the problem and came to me to burn it for them, cant remember what software they where using at the time, but they installed nero and burnt with that , and all noises went away, so in that case yes cd burning quality has something to do with the software