IS Dual-Layer DVD+R media as reliable as single-layer?

I had heard in the early days of dual-layer media that it was not very reliable, so I’ve always stayed away from it. But recently, I’ve been trying Verbatim DVD+R DL for some tasks, and they seem to scan very well in CDSpeed. Are they considered reliable nowadays, or are they still not as trustworthy as single-layer?

If you use the good stuff, you should be fine, stay away from Memorex DL though, there made by Ritek who makes the WORST DL discs!

DVD+R is still more reliable than DVD+R DL. Sorry.

Scans-wise, single layer media still look better. I’ve still to see a dual-layer disc (of mine) go past more than 3 years and still be readable, partly because of the technology’s manufacturing immaturity in comparison to single layer media, and they’ve (DL discs) only become widely available recently (relatively).

I still use DL discs only for stuff that can’t fit onto a single disc (or data I can’t split easily) - I just won’t risk it. My data’s too important. :wink: :smiley: