Is downloading killing regular music albums one song at a time?



I just posted the article Is downloading killing regular music albums one song at a time?.

Feslmogh used our news submit to tell us about an article over at FOXNews. Online music stores, such as Apple’s iTunes, are more and more successful and thus the question arises, will…

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This is a result of crap and manufactured bands (all starting in the mid 90’s) You take an actual ‘good’ (as in non-pop) band, ie Chicane, Metallica(maybe not new one), Idlewild, Kinski etc. All their albums are top notch, every song a work of art, every song displaying a point of view or an idea. Each album has to be listened to in its entireity(??) to appresiate the work gone into it. When record companies realise this and stop manufacturing music, they will their drop in music sales cease.


I thik perhaps apple is getting away with too many rips trust me when they been buying out all kinds of software companies and just blatantly killing the windows version i think wtf why can only apple get the music deals?? no other services got the deal that apple got with the music companies think something stinks here !!!:frowning:


99 cents a track is a rip-off anyway. And i’m pretty sure its nothing but top 40 bullshit, like kelly clarkson, aguilera, etc…


Hello to all, Have to agree with Borgster, somethings stinking here ! Why can only Aplly make such a deal and be succesfull, and why not all the others that tired ??? Just all be carefull when putting your name, card info etc there ! Because then it’s on file and BMG, Sony etc. have all they want ! Best regards, Lenco


will full 10- to 15- song music albums become extinct
so what, let them die. Take an album, any album. what’s there? one or two songs for which they make videos on mtv to lure you into buying the full album, then you buy the album, and what’s there? two good songs, 13 stupid lousy boring tracks. Means you lose 90 percent of your money for garbage. I really hated that before finding out about fasttrack and starting to create my own cds, where every song is just what I like. But if you buy music, you can’t do much about it - you could buy 3 singles, each one costs 4 pound sterling in London or 7-8 euro here in europe, altogether 20 or even more euro. then you could just as well buy the whole album for the same amount of money, but you lose anyway, because most tracks are crap. no, the only solution are online downloads, legal or illegal doesn’t matter, but one needs to burn himself, otherwise you get crap. And that’s obviuos, how could some people over at Sony, LA, or wherever they sit, know what I like? I mean, they don’t even know I exist! Everyone has to decide for oneself. Download only the tracks you like and burn them together on the same cd. then you don’t have to jump to the next track, while driving the car, should decrease the number of accidents, because people would be less busy with searching for a good track among all those lousy ones.


Apple isn’t the only one providing purchase per track service. Visit, they are 79 cents per track. With 25,000 titles though. They doubled their download/burn percentage since announcing that they are operational at 20 cents less than iTunes. And there is at least one more coming that I know of… :wink:


crap and manufactured bands have been around forever…its called an industry - they are expected to produce.


People will not pay… dream on. As long as I have the songs burned onto my CD-R and able to listen to it on my car, it’s all good. It’s very real. In 1000 people, there are at least 800 people who download MP3s and burn them in order to listen and there are no reasons for them to purchase.


As long as people still appreciate the album as something more than just a collection of songs (the album as art, call it what you will), it sould survive. Cherry picking the best bits of OK Computer, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band or Dark Side Of The Moon? Madness. Good albums are more than the sum of their parts.


(the album as art, call it what you will),
the art of ripping people off :r
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