Is Dos still alive?

My father is not a cheap bastard :stuck_out_tongue: he even bough a P4 Celeron for his workplace to work with some really good database for users :slight_smile: (and it’s public health center!!)


Now that’s investment in public infrastructure :wink:

Really? My doctor is the reverse. EVERYTHING is taken down on PC, all 6 doctors at the practice have Dell P4 systems, using Windows XP and a GUI system which shares a common patient database, and it can retrieve pharmaceutical information, draw up an Rx, and even select specialists to refer to in your area of choice.

Not as advanced as that, because I’m in Portugal, but it also has possiblity to access pharmaceutical information, from 5mCC to Harrinson’s! :slight_smile:

My father is not a cheap bastard he even bough a P4 Celeron

The less said the better :wink:

just messin with ya :iagree:

Yup same here. Whats the use of pens now again?
My dentist shows me how my teeth looks at the monitor and checks what he did last time I was there.

When I last saw my doctor like 6 months ago, they had just gotten some kind of new setup, modern pcs with a gui, Probably the same thing other people were talking about. He went to pull up my patient information on it, and it told him I was 94 years old or something ridiculous like that.

I wonder if they have to sterilize the mice…

not many people can conceive paying 75k+ $ on insurance - it would sure make me a cheap bastard.

that said, my mother has little handheld devices at her work where they can bring up patients info, current drugs, and lots of information about their delivery (rn/ neo natal)