Is Dos still alive?

Ok guys, is dos still alive? I for one use dos alot, nothing is more simple then throwing together a dos script to do the most common rutines. I have a dos scripts that updates virus files and pushes the sdat file to the client to burning cds/dvds in dos.

How many of you still use dos? Are you good at it?

Give us your 5 cents worth about this dear old operation system.

I use some batch files to process some stuff, specially for my unattended xp cd’s. Also use dos for fitness tests on hd’s and memory tests. Anyway, it’s dead :slight_smile: everyone who buys a computer today without no pc background has no idea what dos is, and if it even existed!

I have tons of batch files for various things, yes. Though scripting using batch files is terribly weak, so about half my batch files are actually Perl scripts encapsulated in batch files to make them executable.

i use dos a lot, to put some java things to work.
i use dos for config the network .

So Dos is more a cooperate tool now? I make a lot of utilities for our company and I always have to keep in mind that the same bat files that I make can also work in the other countries that my company is in. I dont think that dos will die for a while because you dont need much programming skill to make a bat file.

If you work with WMI or some of the other scripting programs, then you need alot more programming skills.

Rarely use dos Now.
Very little can be run from the command line that doesn’t use windows.

Only use now is compiling java/C++ proggies or running/creating batch files, or deleting/replacing.moving certain files which windows explorer is rather protective of :wink:

I always used dos. Even when win95 came, I kept on using dos (I still had a boot menu for either dos or win). In time, I got rid of dos and switched to win only.

Now I still use the command prompt quite a lot. Although everything is controlled by a GUI, I still prefer the text mode. I do have a hard time using dos though. I am used to a Unix command shell (bash on linux to be precise) so I keep on doing all the things dos can’t do (but give me errors in return).

I just installed a dos computer btw. My dad asked me to dig up an 486 machine so he can play old dos games. Well… why not?

I think that one of the worst things of dos is that the environment is made for single user systems. Of course, no (out of the box) support for networking. From that point of view I say it’s dead…

My work laptop has a DOS partition on it. I need it for low-level diagnosis of some of the hardware I support.

DOS for flashing firmware sometimes.

i use dos for config the network .

DOS for flashing firmware sometimes.
Me too. I do believe its almost dead, not quite.

My pentium 200 has Windows 98 on it…i can boot into dos mode so can basically play any dos game.

There are still thriving dos communities out there. I recently ran across one of them while I was searching for something else. I use Ghost 2003 in a dos envirement to back up and restore my C Drive partition and to delete files from my c directory that WinXP deems not to let me delete in windows. But for most users dos is dead. They even want to start leaving off floppy drives for new PC’s.

Anybody remember edlin the really ugly line editor that came with dos?

Edlin was truly awful. It makes vi feel like a full-blown text processor.

Truly awful is so inadequate.

This prompted me to recall low level formatting those old mfm and rll drives and having to enter each and every bad sector from the labels. Seems that low level formating and formating took about 2 hours on the old 40 meg drives. And I did hundreds of them.

I never use DOS anymore , but sometimes CMD comes up to register .dll files (regsvr32 some.dll) , make directory scans (dir /s >output.txt) or apply parameters at executables (wolf3d -goobers).

I hated Edlin, i got used to Copy con and refused using edlin. Then i got TED.COM, a 2048 bytes text editor for Dos :slight_smile:

I noticed today that my Doctor was still running a DOS database at his surgery. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

makes ya wonder…is he still using old out dated procedures?

Well at least dos rarely crashes, so that is kind’a nice when you are on the operationtable…

Me too!

I recently had to see a surgeon & he charged just over $150 for a 10 minute consultation… The office secrataries were battling with an old dos version of word perfect!!! That’s 286 territory!

Doctors, for a group that rakes in $600 an hr … they sure are cheap bastards…

He didn’t even use a PC to write down anything either!