Is disc of such calibre fit for stand alone DVD player?



Disc was burn with 1650(BCHC)@4X, WOPC/SB/OS all at default. The disc is dumping :wink: unbelievably at about US$0.1 , the shop even offer free sample for me, LOL.

Tested on a DVD player with no noticable problem though, even search up to 100X. :wink:


Well I have never heard of that MID, I’d be interested in how it holds up over time. Though the name would put me off sounds too much like an e-net label.


It’s an infamous mid

Itek reminds me of something. Damn what could it be ? :smiley:


I was right about it reminding me of an e-net brand a few of them are listed in that list. Hmmm, I wonder what it reminds you of.




Wonderful media search, thanks for the link, it shows that such MID also doing SKY discs, whew.

It turns out that such media are just very marginal in quality, another one burnt with 4.5GB data turns out to be some show stopper, although it still readable on my 1650.


tylau, maybe you’ve been away for a while but BenQ forum “standard” scan speed is 8x nowdays. :slight_smile:

Not that bad media you got there anyway.
And to all RiTEK lowers; RiTEK -R media is good:cool:


Old G04s were very good, many of mine are still giving great results when rescanned.


I was being sarcastic, my opinion of Ritek 8x is well known.

Tim I have G04s that are about a year old and they are still scanning well and all the data is retrievable, and this is after the theoretical cut off point where it became variable. Now G05s, don’t get me started on those things.


Hi pinto2,

How about this one.
Good old days when we burnt G04@G06 (only purple faced Riteks or Traxdata branded)

It’s a pity they never produced G06 because I was deterred from touching G05’s from what I saw.

But back to the topic, itek is apparently attempting to use a name that sounds like Ritek as in some countries the R cannot be pronounced.


I am just curious, why some keeping telling me that scanning is standard at 8X, I am not intending to comparing media on this thread, all I needed is promounced well atop at the title “for stand alone DVD player”; which I dont know of any such player would ‘scan’ media at 8X. :wink:

So why do I even border knowing the how the media performs at 8X , I just care about the cheapest media that can perform in “stand alone DVD player”. I did actually ‘try’ to scan such media in 8X which inevitably always makes the read speed drops down to 4X and 2.4X frequently during to high errors.

I dont know much about quality, but IMO 60-70 quality score and skyrocket PIF towards the end of disc is no good, may be it will play for a while on some player though. :slight_smile:


Scanning at 8x is more for other users, so they can see if your burns are good compared to theirs. If everyone uses the same scanning speed, it eliminates that as a potential variable.

Well, in that case (aslong as longevity is not much of a concern) pretty much any media from Taiwan would probably do (as long as it wasn’t physically defective). Use such discs on a standalone player with high tolerance to poor discs. End of discussion :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue: