Is DirecTV designing a Netflix-killer?

Is DirecTV designing a Netflix-killer?.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Netflix currently holds the reigns of the online streaming TV and movie space. And with around 24 million paying subscribers and highbrow plans to break into original programming , the company is gearing up to compete directly with networks like HBO and Showtime. Several companies have launched alternatives, with more to come. If a recent survey sent to DirecTV subscribers is any indication, the streaming service arena may soon have yet another contender.

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I love it. More Internet based content from more providers. The consumer will be the winner if the government keeps their greedy hands off it. If I were the CEO of a company that gets a lot of revenue from gouging customers for cable TV service, I would start worrying about my business model.

Don’t forget Amazon is also in the game.

Hold up. They want their customers to pay a fee on top of the already expensive fees they pay?