Is direct burn possible?

i have 2 dvd burners. Can I burn directly from one to the other without going to hard disc first?

You most certainly can, but this is generally problematic, inconsistent buffers, a major difference in reading and writing speed or general disc read problems can result in coasters. Its all up to you, you might never have a problem. If you use Nero you can select the ‘On the Fly’ Option select your Reader and Writer and go.

It’s best to write data to the HDD prior to burning it to the DVD media. If the source DVD must slow down to read a bad disc, then you MAY encounter more errors in your burn.

As far as I know CloneDVD does not support direct on-the-fly burning (from source reader to writer). Because of the reasons mentioned above it’s not recommended anyway.

I did it a few days ago, 3rd button and directed it to E drive, but it was already a backed up movie.

You are right indeed! I was thinking of DVD-Video discs bigger than 4.4GB. In that case some transcoding is needed (if you want to fit the video on a single-layer DVDR disc that is).

OK, thanks for the info and help. I appreciate it.