Is development on-going?

i asked since it seems the product is being given away for “free”.

thank you :slight_smile:

According to the their web page it’s still:

You can purchase DvdReMake for $34.95.

It’s $24.95. You can get DvdReMake for free if you complete the offer via TrialPay. DvdReMake Pro is not free. And if you have a discount coupon, you’ll pay even less.

Cynthia_old, it is actually $24.95.

But indeed, one can get it for free in addition to some other thing you get from other seller on TrialPay ( Our costs are than covered by that seller. We just though that it may be of interest for some people.

There is more about this concept here: On “How Is This Possible?” tab.

With this in mind one can get the Pro version for just half the price by first getting the free DvdReMake license and than upgrading it to Pro for 25$.

So is it still being developed? Latest version is nearly a year old. I was hoping for faster export speeds.

The export speed depends on the speed of your harddrive(s), since the whole movie has to be rewritten.
Notice that, after the initial export, there is the option te update the export files, which will go much faster, often in seconds.

Yes, use Export Modified files and often it will go much quicker. Then paste those modified files into your project folder.


I would also like to know whether anyone knows if they are still developing the product.
I understand that DVD per se is pretty well settled so there is probably not a great need for further development from that point of view but I wonder are they considering expanding the software’s function to Blu-Ray.