Is debro silly?

After my litey LDW811 died a incredibly weird death (to be RMA’d as of today :wink: ) or undeath as it may be, I couldn’t wait the several weeks that it would take for the distributor to get me back my drive, so ran down to the fair and picked up an SOHW-812S, if only for the reason the presence of the NEC’s was severely lacking. After the abysmal performance of my 811, and it’s untimely, undeath, I feel no more loayalty to lite-on.


Was it a good decision, or is debro way too frivolous with his hard earned (and girlfriend eroded) cash?

So does the 812s work? :slight_smile:


Seems to :wink:
And the kprobe scans on my (unfortunately) RitekG03 media :z seems quite reasonable, in comparison to the 811s’s unreadable CRC errors :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t be fooled by those scans debro, mate I’m as silly as you, as you are going to find out :p.

I did the same thing and yes scans are better than the old 411S but you will find that they don’t have to be as bad to get similar results eg skipping etc.

I will say the drive is better than the 411S but as you know that don’t say much, I would of got that NEC and payed extra if I needed to. :sad:

Unfortunately, I wanted one now, and I can’t find anywhere around here with the Damn NEC drive that I wouldn’t have to wait to order in :a.
I’d have payed up to $180 for the NEC, but most places online want upwards of $200!!! excluding P&H!

Grrrrrr @ stupid retailers.

Damn! just found the damn 2510 for $160 at umart! :a
I swear they wanted $200+ just 4 days ago :frowning:

Note to self: Do not check prices of bought items for several months after you’ve bought them. Grrrrrr :a

If I could vote again I would… :frowning:

Gigabyte GO-W0808A 8x $119
LG 4082B 8x oem Beige $140
LG 4120B Dual Layer oem/Re $165/$175
Liteon 812S 8x Retail $125
Liteon 1213S 12x Retail $150
Liteon 832S Dual Layer Retail $165
Liteon 812SX 8x External $275
NEC ND-2510A oem Dual Layer $169
Optorite DD1203 12x Retail $145
Pioneer 107D 8x oem Beige $139
Pioneer 107D 8x oem Black $155
Pioneer A07XLA 8x Retail $165
Sony DWU 18A10 8x oem $135
Sony DRU700A Dual Layer $179
Sony DRU700UL Ext. Dual $355

Now for all you non Aussie’s this is Australian $$, debro this is last thursdays add in the Age 'Green Guide".

Oem being bare drive though?

I’m not sure if any software comes with it, not that matters since I have my own version of nero :wink:

Optorite DD1203 12x Retail $145… Hey 12x for less than 8x and its a sony :smiley:
Heck LG 4120B Dual Layer oem/Re $165/$175… is that 12X dual layer :slight_smile:

This is OK for all you Melbournians. Those of us in rural Australia in other states do not fare so well.

Where I live $159 for an 812S is the best available.

it looks like some people want to be judged as silly some how… :confused:
they propably think they are to normal then

and if you are normal…BUY the new drive and enjoy it

grab the NEC2510 for $160 + $15 P&H
They have the SOHW812S for $120 + P&H (probably about $20)
They do cheque, or credit card (CC has surcharge).

/me yawns with a sense of extreme lack of fanboi-ism

Is Debro silly? Nope. No more than the next man is, just for sticking with a brand he/she has interest in and follows the progress of closely.

My opinion through experience? I can no longer bank on liteon hardware in a mission critical situation. If it fails me - I am up the creek. Jobs would be lost, a great deal of money would be lost. I cannot afford this kind of goof.

I got an NEC. No longer do I need to verify every odd disc that I burn in paranoia in finding a CIRC error, like I did with the LiteOn hardware in various implementations.

Am I being too harsh? Maybe - hell, LiteOn hardware is still heaps of fun to play with! However, to me…its just a toy now. I blame it all on my “upbringing”. NEC and Pioneer hardware suits me just fine now. :slight_smile:

Feel free to slander/bitch/whinge/speak total garbage in response. This is just one man’s opinion afterall.

debro purchased another liteon drive, what I make of what you are saying is that he should of purchased the NEC hence doesn’t that make him silly? :confused:

Misreading of post methinks…

am i the only one to pick the last choice? that damn leprechaun is pissin me off now