Is datawrite ricoh any good?

Hi, i found the datawrite with this media code RICOHJPNR01 is any good?

i pay 35 euro for 100 dvd

They are somewhat cheaper @ so depending on where you live that could be an idea.

From svp i get 2 results with these discs. A fair and a very good and when tubs change from very good to fair i’m gone. I’d rather spend a little more and be sure i get good discs as expected. First 2 tubs i bought were excellent - next 3 has this big “wave” look i don’t like. I think the last 3 have been somehow damaged since this dye is usually very good but i don’t wanna pay again to be sure :wink:

I would be warry of them. Well known for varrying quality under that label. You can get decent batches but there is no gaurantee. BTW isn’t JPN01 4x rated media? You can get the 8x Verbatim Pastels in packs of 25x4 for 38.24 Euro and these are made by Taiyo Yuden. I would trust Verbatim rebranded Taiyo Yuden long before Datawrite rebranded Ricoh. Ricoh as a whole are good under their own label but Datawrite has shown too many instances of quality variation under it’s own label for me to trust them.

I back this up, definitly :iagree:

Yup and when you consider what you can get for only a few Euro more, it just doesn’t seem worth it to take the risk.